ACS Creative

The Challenge

ACS Creative partnered with us to assist a client that needed technical support. The client’s current process for handling member dues, meetings, etc. was done in an excel spreadsheet, which was time-consuming and difficult to keep accurately updated.


Because of this challenge, ACS Creative relied on the team at Coretechs to build and launch the software needed to eliminate the current inefficient process.

The Solution

Coretechs has successfully contributed to our technology partnership with ACS Creative over the years. For this specific client, we listened to their current struggles and created a completely custom, easy-to-use system using Python/Django that met all their needs. This program allowed members to manage meetings, membership, notifications, pay dues, and more. Our key goal with clients is to build a long term relationship by building trust and providing quality deliverables.


It’s actually easier than you might think since technology investment is such a strong driver of future income. Our clients know that if they invest in new development with us that their clients and their internal team will get more features, faster turnaround, better reporting, and all the things that will increase profitability by improving efficiency and increasing customer happiness.