Deal Rack


The Challenge

The Deal Rack is an online discount clothing retailer offering name brand clothes for less. Being an online retailer, their priorities involved maintaining a website that accurately depicts their current inventory, creating shipping and ordering files, and more.


The team at The Deal Rack performed each of these processes manually—creating time-consuming work due to the inefficient system in place.

The Solution

CoreTechs modified The Deal Rack’s daily processes by automating their systems to streamline the workflow process—allowing them to run more smoothly, efficiently, and with less chance for error. The first project consisted of automatically updating The Deal Rack’s inventory when vendors send in information. Automating this process allows the files to automatically move onto The Deal Rack website, populating fields about item availability for customers. The second project was to automate and streamline the process of creating shipping and ordering files—making them quick to produce and very accurate.


Since our first project with The Deal Rack, CoreTechs has worked with them on an ongoing basis to complete many more successful projects. Our key goal with clients is to build a long term relationship by building trust and providing quality deliverables. It’s actually easier than you might think since technology investment is such a strong driver of future income. Our clients know that if they invest in new development with us that their clients and their internal team will get more features, faster turnaround, better reporting, and all the things that will increase profitability by improving efficiency and increasing customer happiness.

Client Testimonial

“CoreTechs has completed our projects so far to our satisfaction and on budget.  While it took a little while to finish both projects up, their service was still very good.  They have a trustworthy, friendly staff and we are confident we can rely on them for more projects in the future, and to stand behind the work they have already done for us.”