Developing Custom Software

Providing Custom Software in DC, MD, VA & Throughout the United States

Although every custom software system we deliver to a client is unique, there are many elements that are common to the software development process.  Some of them are listed below such as design considerations, the frequently hierarchical structure of the new system, and some of the coding elements. When you’re considering developing custom software, you may want to review the items below or we can take you through this process on a personal phone consultation when evaluating your project requirements.

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Design Considerations

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Concept Origination

Idea in Mind

Written Notes


User Model

Business to Client to Customer

Business to Client

Business to Consumer


Enterprise Website

Enterprise App

Customer CMS Site

Native App







Amazon AWS





1 – 3 Months

4 – 6 Months

6 Months or More


Less than $10.000

$10,000 to $50,000

$50,000 or more


Depending on the system requirements, there may only be two levels in the structure below or in some cases there might be more where additional user types are necessary

Acme Corporation (Your Business)

Joe the Plumber (Acme Client)

Wiley Plumbing (Acme Client)

Joe The Plumber
Customer 1
Joe The Plumber
Customer 2
Wiley Plumbing
Customer 1
Wiley Plumbing
Customer 2

Coding Elements

Some of all of these elements may be present in your custom system depending on your exact requirements

Security - System, User, SSL

Reporting - Users, Orders, Inventory, Status

User Management - Admin, Client, Customer

Profiles - User Specific Information

Processing - Workflow, Ordering, Tracking

Interaction - On Demand, Email, IM, SMS

Logging - Track Users, Processing, Orders