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Web Hosting

Web hosting is quite literally the backbone of your business when it comes to internet presence and web relevance. This is the service that essentially houses your website or web pages, allowing it to be visible to consumers online.


There are numerous hosting service providers out there, and who you choose can have a variety of impacts on the resulting website. Each carries different functionalities, applications, tools, and scalability.


When it comes to hosting, the team at Coretechs Consulting can help you choose the best hosting service to meet you and your business’ unique online needs. We have a collective knowledge base that spans the entire history of web development and hosting, meaning our experts have the skill and experience needed to suss out the hosting service that suits you best.

Hosting Services

When it comes to providing for your business’ needs, our team prefers to go top class in all regards. We choose hosting with these services because they provide the best in functionality, service, and scalability to ensure your website can grow right along with your needs and business.


Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides absolute top notch web hosting service. The number of tools, capabilities, and options is downright staggering, and for our team, AWS is a no-brainer hosting service. We’re confident that with hosting from Amazon you’ll find the solutions your business needs to remain relevant, competitive, and fully capable online for a long, long time.

Linode is the premier Linux cloud hosting service. Since 2003, Linode has been bringing top-class function and usability to cloud server hosting to meet your any and every infrastructure need. With excellent support available at all hours, guaranteed server uptime, and super on-point tools, Linode just makes sense.

Why Choose to Work With Coretechs for Hosting?

Our team carries decades of experience in applying hosting services and helping businesses generate and create world-class websites and applications. We’ve worked with businesses of all scale and size, everything from small startup companies to Fortune 500 giants.
When you’re in need of US-based professionals that can generate unique and custom solutions, Coretechs is your best pick hands-down. We rise to any challenge, and love nothing more than to provide you with the very best we can muster— a fact we’re actually quite confident in.