Coretechs Insights

Sep 24, 2021

Coretechs’ Take on Code Monitoring

Ways our team ensures your systems are kept up to date.

Sep 10, 2021

Website Security 101

Our team shares best practices to keep your website safe from hackers.

Aug 27, 2021

Why We Choose WordPress to Build Websites

In this article, we’re talking about how WordPress makes it simple to build easy-to-use, scalable websites and why we choose to use it for our own clients.

Aug 04, 2021

5 Easy SEO Basics to Set Your Website Up for Success

Search Engine Optimization Tips That You Can Implement Without a Developer’s Help

Jul 20, 2021

The Fast & The Furious: Why Your Website Needs To Be Faster & 3 Tricks to Speed It Up Overnight

Find out why your website speed matters, how it affects your ranking, and 3 ways you can shift into the next gear without a developer’s help.

Jul 08, 2021

What is Website Accessibility?

Accessibility should be standard for all websites, but it hasn’t always been a common practice. If your website is more than three years old, it might be restricting access to users with disabilities.

Jun 24, 2021

Advanced techniques to keep your systems secure against ransomware attacks

Did you know the average payout for ransomware is estimated at $220,298? Working with a tech team can help you prepare your systems and safeguard against attack.

Jun 16, 2021

Continued Support: 5 Ways Coretechs Supports Our Clients Post-Launch

Our team supports clients beyond the development process so you don’t have to worry about the future of your product.

Jun 10, 2021

How to keep your business safe from the storm of Ransomware attacks

In the first in this two-part series, we’re recommending some simple tips on how to protect your business from ransomware attacks.

Jun 02, 2021

Confessions of a Project Manager

The secret confessions your PM wants you to know about your project.

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Bridging the Gap

We pride ourselves on being able to bridge the gap that exists between technology design and solution delivery.

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