The Challenge

This day and age this happens more often than one might expect – The fast pace of the technology industry can sometimes move too fast and will unfortunately sometimes leave older reliable systems behind forcing you and your company to adapt in ways that might not be optimal for your business, or you might find yourself in a situation with a lack of documentation and support.

This is when you call us here at Coretechs Consulting.

The Solution

Our development team has extensive experience in what we describe as code rescue. Your older legacy system worked for you and will probably still have certain valuable features that you want to hang on to. Coretechs Consulting has been providing IT solutions for almost 30 years and we have over the years built up a vast amount of experience in code rescue.


Our “e-mergency” team of code rescuers have worked with legacy solutions for clients like Reaxis and ChutePlus , where our code rescue consisted of updating reporting tools and bringing older code up to modern day standards.

The Result

Our proven approach takes into consideration all aspects of your legacy software and we strive to keep your functionality intact and do not believe in redoing it all – there is always a certain amount of code and functionality that can be reused while being re-written to get up to date and be ready for any fast paced and dynamic environment.