Load Testing

For websites that serve large groups of customers, ensuring your sites architecture can “survive the rush” is just as important as building the site in the first place.  Even the best planned and built site is useless if it crashes when your customer base all tries to access it at once.  Coretechs can help simulate loads, orders and regular usage with a variety of load simulation tools.  Some of the tools we have experience using to test customer sites include:


An easy to use, graphically driven load tester that helps you define various metrics and testing scenarios.  It’s highly configurable and can be run from a distributed network, rather than all from one local host.  Jmeter allows various reports to be built as well to share with staff or web designers.


Another clean, interface driven tool that allows the configuration of various metrics for testing.  Can be run locally so it doesn’t require a distributed testing network.  While this tool only works in windows, it’s often enough for the testing needs of many clients.


As the name implies, Locust allows huge swarms of simulated users to attempt to use a site at once.  This tool is often overkill for smaller sites, but when you need to learn if your site can handle thousands of users, Locust is one of the best options.  It doesn’t have a GUI like other tools, but Coretechs can help you configure it and use it to test your site under even the most extreme conditions.

Choose Coretechs for Load Testing

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