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Coretechs has extensive experience delivering powerful, custom .NET solutions to meet even the most complex needs. Our experience in .NET makes it easy for us to convert legacy ASP applications to C# or start new custom systems using the latest C# tools in a MVC framework. You’ll find that Coretechs is the .NET team you need that provides quick, reliable, friendly, and on-budget development.

To learn more about our .Net development company, contact us online or give us a call at 202-540-0002.

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Though it may seem more cost-effective to hire a .NET freelancer or an in-house developer, you only have to pay us for the time we spend working directly on your project. If you choose another developer, you won’t receive the experienced, dedicated service and attention you’ll get from Coretechs. Our team is almost entirely located in Maryland, so we’re able to work closely with one another and collaborate on your project. We’re accustomed to working on a variety of systems that utilize a number of different programs. No system is too complex for our team, and we look forward to the challenges that your project could bring.

If you’re looking to hire a .NET developer, contact our team today to learn more about our services.

Some of our Frequently Used .NET Tools



The programming language built by Microsoft that runs many .net Framework Applications.  Our development team has years of experience building and working on existing applications written in C#.

sql server

If you need help with a C# application, you’ll probably need help with SQL as well.  SQL server runs the database systems of many .NET systems and our programmers and server administration staff have years of expertise making database systems run quickly and securely.


Xamarin is the tool used to write iOS and Android applications in a shared C# system.  If you have a C# web application and want to build parts of it into a mobile app, or tie into an app, we can help.


Another Microsoft language, XAML is a less traditional, newer .NET language, but has growing use in UI and Windows Phone applications.



With those .NET Tools Our Programmers have Developed

.Net Web Applications

Coretechs has built and continued to support various web applications that process payments, manage customer interactions, and control order and supply chains in companies both big and small.


.Net Project Migration and Modernization

Our development staff has migrated both older .Net systems and systems written in entirely separate frameworks into the latest .Net solutions to ensure the  most up to date functionality and security.


.Net Data Management Solutions

Coretechs has built and managed data solutions in .Net/SQL environments for secure data systems, customer databases and inventory systems. Our solutions are custom built to include the reporting, analysis, and on demand information that companies need from their data management solutions.


.Net Mobile Application Systems

Whether you are looking to develop an app or build a system to tie into an existing app, we have experience in the .Net frameworks needed to support such system. From API calls to public/private app management systems, we can build, support, and manage the data and systems needed to run your company’s app.


Why Choose Coretechs Consulting as Your .NET Development Company?

Coretechs is based in Kensington, Maryland with all in house employees – we do not do outsource offshore. We have worked on many .NET-related projects across a diverse client base and multiple industries.

Many clients have multiple systems that they maintain, and Coretechs is well suited to handle all of them while providing you with one single point of contact and development. We offer a number of advantages for your .NET or other development project.

Coretechs is result-driven. We work to establish project goals and complete them on client timelines.

We have satisfied customers, earning us customer loyalty, repeat business, and referrals. Many of our customers have been with us for over a decade.

We offer free quotes, no obligation as all estimates are zero-cost.

We are passionate and transparent about our work. We tell you what we can do, and how we intend to do it, up front.

We have highly trained and experienced developers who have handled projects of all scopes and sizes from a wide array of industries and companies of all types.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and service. We respect our clients’ privacy and make sure secrecy is kept.

Our talented .NET development company is experienced and trained to find the best solution while maximizing your value and meeting your business’ needs

Your .NET Project Consultation

During the consultation process, a Coretechs team member will work directly with you. We can discuss whether maintaining your current system sounds like the best move or if it might be a better value to move to a different environment. Our main goal is to advise you on the best solution to help maximize your organization’s efficiency and bottom line, and we’re not shy about doing it. We often recommend other solutions that do not involve working with Coretechs—we will only accept projects that we feel are in your best interest.

If you’re looking for a reliable .NET developer who provides solid advice and solution customized to your unique project needs, look no further than our team at Coretechs.

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