Why Choose Coretechs?


Coretechs has a vast amount of experience working with the Perl programming language. We have clients for whom Perl forms their entire multi-million line code base.  Perl is a dynamic programming language that can be used for almost any development project. We have successfully helped clients from a wide range of industries with their Perl development needs. Perl is most often found in legacy systems that have been around for some time.  Coretechs can work with those systems to maintain and extend them but we won’t shy away from letting you know when moving to an alternate language/framework or a CMS system might be the best move for your business.  Above all we strive to provide the best development and consulting services you can find.


Developer Call Back - Perl

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Some of Our Web Development Clients

  • Deal RackDeal Rack
  • ReaxisReaxis
  • ChutePlusChutePlus
  • Navigant ConsultingNavigant Consulting
  • ACS CreativeACS Creative

Perl scripting with mod_perl

Look and feel using Template Toolkit

MVC support using Catalyst

Database integration using MySQL

We make anything happen with Perl.  Typical projects may include the above as well as work for intensive back end cron job scripts.

Project Consultation Process After Contacting Coretechs


During the consultation process, a Coretechs team member based in the Washington, DC area will work directly with you. We will provide solid advice customized to your unique Perl development needs.  We can discuss whether maintaining your current system sounds like the best move or if it might be a better value to move to a different environment. Our main goal is to advise you on the best solution to help maximize your organization’s efficiency and bottom line and we’re not shy about doing it. We often recommend other solutions that do not involve working with Coretechs – we will only accept projects that we feel are in your best interest (and ours ;)).  We shoot for a win-win every time!