Custom Software Development

January 9th, 2024

What’s special about custom software?

Custom software development is the creation of software built precisely for your company and personalized to meet the specific demands of your business. It can grow with your business and sometimes even power that growth.

Eventually, you’d likely see more customer engagement, enhancement of your processes, and opportunities to better understand your full potential. We make custom websites and apps to adapt to and meet the needs of your business. Conversely, “off the shelf” software requires your company to adapt to its abilities.

Some advantages of custom software:

  • You only pay for the functionalities and capabilities your business actually needs and will actively use. Packaged software tends to have a lot of features that are unnecessary and are rarely or never used. 
  • Custom software helps automate a lot of your business processes by reducing tedious tasks for your employees. In the long run, this lowers the risk of human error and allows them more time for projects with higher meaning or importance.
  • During the process of building custom software, you may discover opportunities to optimize your operations. Finding these possibilities will ultimately lead to higher productivity for your company.
  • Packaged software is readily available, but it cannot be tailored to meet your business’s distinct needs. Custom software fills in the gaps to suit your needs that packaged software can’t. You can have many different unique features and integrations made for your business and its processes.

Some things to consider:

  • Building custom software from the ground up can be a lengthy process and takes more time than buying something pre-built and packaged.
  • Custom software is an investment and generally costs more initially than “off the shelf” software. However, the return on investment is higher than that of packaged software. Custom software typically has a higher ROI because we tailor it to meet your specific business goals.

Our Custom Software Development Process

As a custom software company, our number one goal is to create unique and effective software solutions for our clients and deliver them on time and within budget.

Our proven approach:

  • We put a dedicated project manager on every client’s project. This way, there’s a single point of contact throughout the development process.
  • Our project managers and developers will listen to what’s needed and make it happen. They’ll keep you updated during the entire process, from the first contact to production.
  • Our team will even let you know when there may be an alternative approach that can create even better results. We always make any web application’s longevity, scalability, and security a priority and inform you of changes we think will improve your software’s performance.
  • Our rapid prototyping process lets you see your project as it grows from concept to reality. We’ll also keep you in the loop at all times, and we take every concern or request into account.
  • Finally, after the development process is complete, we offer monthly maintenance and security checks. We make a point of only charging for the time we work on these checks and do not implement a monthly maintenance fee.

Many of our clients have been working with us for 10 or 20 years to refine their custom software needs as their businesses develop and grow. If we can help you create your vision or update your current software, contact us today!

Photo by Christin Hume