After working for five years in a ‘real job’ straight out of college a series of personal events led me to found Coretechs Consulting.  That was almost thirty years ago and it’s been a great ride.  I work with a great team here and I think that’s key.  When you work with people you like and respect it’s a joy to come to work.  We have a highly skilled, tightly knit team of project managers, dedicated developers in PHP, Python, .Net and app development as well as our own graphics and UI team to round out our staff of about 20.  Many of our team members have been with us over 10 years which really says something about our friendly environment in this highly competitive industry.” – Gil Austin, President


We’re located in Kensington, MD just north of DC so we’re convenient to the entire metropolitan Washington area.  Even though so many aspects of software development can be conducted over the phone or via email we’re never too busy to make the trip to the client site to brainstorm about the next round of enhancements.

Gil Austin, CEO

Gil Austin, President

We’ve been around for almost thirty years which we’re very proud of.  It’s hard for any business to last thirty years and a huge part of our longevity is due to our clients..  We’ve been very fortunate to work with visionary owners and executives who truly understand that an investment in their IT infrastructure produces outsized returns in the form of better customer communication, improved process management, and so many other aspects of running a business.



James Bloomer, Partner

Some people say that custom software development is expensive.  However, they may not be looking at the whole picture.  We’re confident that clients who invest with us will see their business grow due to the multiplicative effect of custom software development.  We work hard to build client trust and value longevity in our relationships over a one and done.  When the system does exactly what’s needed, it streamlines all facets of the operation.  Custom software can always be tweaked to produce additional benefits for our clients and their customers.  Anything done well, never stops at version 1! Many of our clients have been with us for ten or even twenty years because we know if they do well, we do well!


All of our development work is done by small US based teams most of whom are located in the DC Metro area.  We put a dedicated project manager on every client’s project so there’s have a single point of contact throughout the development process.  Our project managers will listen to what’s needed and make sure it happens on time and on budget.  They’re also not afraid to let the client know when there may be an alternative way to approach the problem that may produce even better results.  Our rapid prototyping process will allow you to see your software as it grows; from very early in the process until it’s ready to go live!