February 16th, 2024

There are SO many choices! Django, Laravel, Flask, FastAPI …

So what is FastAPI?

FastAPI is a popular high-performance web framework for building APIs (Application programming interfaces) with Python. It’s designed to be easy to use, highly efficient, and suitable for small and large-scale projects. FastAPI provides a straightforward and intuitive syntax that allows for automatic data validation and serialization, reducing the amount of boilerplate code a developer needs to write. FastAPI also offers interactive API documentation powered by Swagger UI and ReDoc, which makes it easy to test and explore API endpoints. FastAPI has a growing community and extensive documentation, including tutorials and examples, which can help developers get started quickly and efficiently. Overall, FastAPI’s user-friendly design and rich features make it a popular choice for building robust web APIs.

FastAPI is primarily focused on building APIs rather than traditional websites. However, it can still be used for developing websites by combining it with other frontend frameworks or technologies. While FastAPI excels at handling backend logic and providing an efficient API layer, developers typically use a frontend framework like React, Angular, or Vue.js to manage the user interface and client-side interactions.


It is fast compared to other major Python frameworks like Flask and Django.

FastAPI’s speed and performance make it suitable for handling complex requests and simultaneously serving data to multiple clients. By leveraging FastAPI on the backend, developers can quickly develop a powerful API that serves data to the frontend application.

“Choose FastAPI for lightning-fast performance, built-in asynchronous support, and automatic, interactive documentation – making it the ideal framework for high-performance API development with Python.”

Matt, Senior Developer

FastAPI is an excellent choice for developing the backend API of your website, providing high-performance and easy integration with frontend frameworks to create a full-fledged web application. 

We used APIs to develop a comprehensive software solution for a charter booking management service company that deals with boats and marinas. The software covers various aspects of the business. 

  • Reservation and Booking Management Software: Customers can book individual boats or entire fleets online. It also provides tools to manage reservations efficiently. 
  • Fleet Management Software: Helps keep track of the boats’ availability and location.
  • Payment Processing Integration: Securely handle payments and deposits online. 
  • Inventory Management: Keep track of boat availability
  • Online Calendar and Scheduling: Allows customers to see boat availability and book slots that suit them. 
  • Website A user-friendly website for customers to browse, book, and manage reservations. 
  • Communication Tools: Email and SMS notifications, as well as in-app messaging, to keep customers informed about their bookings and events. 

FastAPI’s cutting-edge framework and project template will save you time. We are eager to help you choose the right framework for your project. Contact us if we can support you today!