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How can Coretechs help with your Java Programming needs?


With Coretechs, you get a dedicated team of Java developers and project managers who back each other up and never let any project fail – regardless of the project size. Our Kensington, Maryland based Java team has decades of experience in working with Java solutions. With clients ranging in size from startups companies to industry leaders, we have developed countless websites and stand alone applications.


Coretechs can assist in upkeep and additions to Java based programs and software suites. This includes upgrading older Java systems to a newer setup such as Kotlin, or migrating legacy systems into Java web applications. Java is used on a wide variety of devices and in many types of systems, and Coretechs has experience with many of them.

Meet your senior Java team


Aravind is an Oracle Certified Java Developer, and is one of our lead Java developers. Aravind specializes in custom development applications and UI interfaces on everything from enterprise level internal systems to customer based applications – and has worked on the platform for over a decade.


With over a decade of web design and Java experience, Matt has worked with Java in countless scenarios and hardware platforms, from websites to stand alone applications; and is one of our principal architects of Java based deployments.


Jawad has extensive experience in desktop and web based application development, Java based API services development and support as well as using Java based services for cross platform integration and Android app development.


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What are common types of Java, and how can I use them?

Java is a programming language owned by Oracle that can run on many different platforms and do a number of different tasks. It’s one of the most popular computer programming languages in existence, powering many of the mobile apps and web applications that people use on a daily basis.

Native Applications

Offline, computer based applications can be written in Java, and work on a variety of operating systems and hardware setups.


Compiled or directly run, Kotlin is meant to be a “heavy duty Java” and allow for a gradual upgrade of classic Java apps into Kotlin. Many Android apps are written in Kotlin.

Server Apps

Java is widely used in helping to process data from “upstream” to “downstream” – that is to take data in one format and move it to another server or instance for use in another program. Many banks or customer service companies run systems in Java.

Web Applications

Many interactive websites are run in Java, allowing a webpage to behave like a program on your computer running inside a browser. Many online applications or forms are written in Java.

Project Consultation Process After Contacting Coretechs


During the consultation process, a Coretechs team member based in the Washington, DC area will work directly with you. We will provide solid advice customized to your unique Java development needs. We can discuss whether maintaining your current system sounds like the best move or if it might be a better value to move to a different environment. Our main goal is to advise you on the best solution to help maximize your organization’s efficiency and bottom line and we’re not shy about doing it. We only accept projects that we feel are in your best interest (and ours ).  We shoot for a win-win every time!

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