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Our experienced team is a cost-effective solution for handling the more technical aspects of your company’s web development projects.
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At Coretechs, we work on new and legacy systems in many industries including Travel, Energy, Education, HVAC, Property Management, Telecom, Architecture, and Manufacturing.
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Why Partner With a Development Company?

Your clients rely on you for your professional advice and techniques to solve their business problems. Which is why agencies like you rely on us to solve your technology problems. A technology partnership with Coretechs will:

Expand Your Capabilities


The easiest way we know to increase your agency’s revenue is to close deals you don’t have to work on. By offering our expertise, portfolio and services to your clients—and knowing Coretechs will deliver on time and above expectations—you’ll dramatically expand the kinds of client work you can take on, positively affecting your bottom line.

Reduce Project Risk


If you’re not a developer, it can be hard to understand the scope of work your client needs, which can create trouble fulfilling the client’s expectations. With a technology partnership you can rest easy knowing you have an experienced software or web developer on your side as well as an experienced project manager. We know what we can offer right away and how to figure out what we don’t so that you’ll know how much you need to charge and what your cost will be without confusion.

Software & Web Development Partnership


Are you looking for a business partner that can handle the more technical aspects of your company’s web development project? Hiring a full-time programmer can get expensive, and having existing employees attempt development work that’s beyond their capabilities may not be the best use of their time. When you need more advanced technical help than you have in-house, contact Coretechs for a more cost-effective solution. Our developers have the experience and skill to take any design project to the next level. No matter how complex your needs may be, we are the U.S. based team you can depend on.


Perl is most often found in legacy systems. Coretechs can work with those systems to maintain and extend them but we won’t shy away from letting you know when moving to an alternate language/framework or a CMS system might be the best move for your business.


Coretechs has deep experience with the various flavors of Windows-based web development using the .NET framework. We have successfully helped clients in many different situations—such as converting legacy ASP applications to C# or starting a new custom system using the latest C# tools in an MVC framework.


We build custom solutions to your exacting specifications. We have successfully helped all types of clients with a wide range of custom Python development. Looking for a U.S. based Python team? You just found it.


Our developers have helped companies—large and small—with a number of iOS development tasks. From simple service applications to robust e-commerce applications, our iOS developers have the experience and expertise to meet your needs. Whether you are in the initial planning stages or you need immediate iOS development assistance, Coretechs is the partner you can trust.


Coretechs has extensive experience delivering powerful, custom PHP solutions to meet even the most complex needs. We have successfully helped all types of clients—from small to large businesses — with a wide range of custom PHP development projects.


Coretechs has a team of dedicated Android developers with years of experience and expertise developing custom mobile applications on the Android platform. We have worked with businesses of all types and sizes and are prepared to meet the needs and challenges of virtually any project.

Software & Web Development Partnerships for Multiple Industries

Are you an advertising agency, public relations firms, or other professional services company looking for a reliable partner in the highly technical and ever-changing web space? Becoming a partner of Coretechs could be the right solution for your company. Our team has partnered with companies in the following industries:

Web Development Companies

Internet Marketing Firms

Advertising Agencies

Media Companies

Marketing Companies

Business Consultants

Public Relations Firms

And More!