Why We Love Our Developers

February 24th, 2024

Here at Coretechs, we are a tight-knit team that works together to bring your project to life. We would not be able to do what we do without our amazing developers. Here are some reasons why we love them and could not do what we do without them.

Our developers are the best and here’s why!

While we tend to say that we’ve been around for over 35 years and that is primarily due to our clients, we would be nothing if not for the developers who work around the clock to keep your software systems up and running. They can juggle multiple projects with ease, delve into issues head first, and give us and you ideas about how we can constantly improve your system.

They are willing to learn new technologies and strategies.

Many industries are the type where specialized training or study is required before the job is performed. Here we are always doing a little bit of “on the job training” when we ask our developers to learn a new technology or language. At this point, it becomes more like an art than a science. Our developers are commonly implementing new third-party features that require some research and understanding to do work. This is a skill that we ask of all our developers, and they rise to the challenge. 

They are problem-solvers and have a can-do attitude.

Every single one of our developers is solving problems in their work. We are not just blindly coding something with copy/paste. These developers are thinking through logic and issues and providing real-life solutions that are used by our customers every day.

If we do not understand the problem, we go back for further investigation to find a better solution. If that solution is a temporary “band-aid,” we are coming up with a backup plan that can be implemented long term. The point here is that our developers are creative problem solvers, and we love them for that!

They are willing and able to adapt. 

All of our clients have different setups. Understanding how someone else designed and implemented a setup can be a big ask. But our developers do it with a “can-do attitude.” 

Not only do the developers learn the various setups, but they are flexible to jump from system to system within a short time to put out any fires. If we have an urgent issue, our developers can quickly put down what they are working on to pitch in and help with whatever the problem is. 

They genuinely care about their projects and our client’s success.

Our developers have direct access to speak with the clients. We do this because we want you to know the developer working on your project, and we want them to know you. The developers care about helping our clients grow their business and provide solutions for them that will work and contribute to their success. If our developers can listen to you, talk about your business, and what is needed, they can put themselves directly in your shoes when they are creating it and therefore provide you what you want. They want to know your business better. 

They are dedicated to the team environment. 

Our developers do have individually assigned projects and smaller tasks; however, there are many times one cannot get back to a project for a conflict. That is when the teamwork kicks in, and our developers step up to the plate to pitch in. That sometimes looks like passing on the torch to finish out a project or just stepping in for a day. It also means teaming up to bounce ideas off one another. We form many different team combinations throughout the day at Coretechs, and dedication to working together is a key ingredient to our success for you.

“Our development team is one of the first groups of co-workers I talk to outside of work hours. They are friendly, knowledgeable, personable, and bring their own ideas to projects, more than just building what is written on a project plan in front of them.”

Jon A., Project Manager