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Our Javascript developers at Coretechs are experienced in Javascript frameworks such as Node.js, React, Knockout, jQuery, Backone.js, and Angular.js.
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At Coretechs, we work on new and legacy systems in many industries including Travel, Energy, Education, HVAC, Property Management, Telecom, Architecture, and Manufacturing.
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Why Choose Coretechs for Your Javascript Project?

Our team at Coretechs Consulting has the experience and knowledge to provide the best Javascript applications for your business’s needs. We can show you the most innovative applications Javascript has to offer, and turn your vision for your online presence into a reality.


While Javascript is widely-used—in fact, essentially every browser can render Javascript without any additional installations or downloads—finding the right way to implement it can leave a web page designer a bit overwhelmed. Additionally, poor implementation of Javascript, due to its nature, can cause security issues and webpage inconsistency between browsers.


Don’t take a risk hiring amateur coders or leave the security of your business to chance by copy-and-pasting Javascript code you find on the web. Instead, let Coretechs Consulting develop Javascript that works only to your advantage, without any risk of system exploitations, malicious code, or troublesome code variation.


Dipin joined CoreTechs 6 years ago as one of our senior developers. With almost 10 years of experience with Javascript Dipin serves as our primary developer as well as a guide and mentor to junior developers



Jawad joined Coretechs team over 10 years ago and has since then become one of the go-to guys for Javascript.

some of our frequently used tools...

What are the Benefits of Javascript?

Javascript is, as we’ve mentioned before, one of the three core components of web page development. Needless to say, it offers numerous benefits. Here are some of the many advantages to using Javascript in your business’s website:

Client Side

Javascript is client-side. This means that the code in Javascript uses the user’s processor. This saves your web server bandwidth and strain, and lets developers add interactive scripts that can make changes to a webpage without requiring the page to reload

Simple and Straightforward

Javascript is fairly simple and straightforward– Particularly in comparison to base programming languages (such as Java or any of the C languages). This allows professional web developers to quickly create scripts customized to perform a specific task or function. 0


Javascript is fast on the user’s end– As many Javascript tasks are simple and easily-executed by the user’s browser, the processing is nearly instant. Because Javascript is client-side, it also doesn’t require back-and-forth communication between the server and client.

Javascript is The Key

Javascript is the key to functionality and interactivity– Because Javascript can change web pages on the fly, it can be used for any number of purposes: website alerts, confirmation prompts, unique drop-down menus, regularly-updating statistics and information, and sign-in forms that offer auto-complete function to returning users—all without requiring special software.

Your Javascript Project Consultation

During the consultation process, a Coretechs team member based in the Washington, DC area will work directly with you. Our main goal is to advise you on the best solution to help maximize your organization’s efficiency and bottom line and we’re not shy about doing it. We often recommend other solutions that do not involve working with Coretechs — we will only accept projects that we feel are in your best interest. We shoot for a win-win every time! If you need a reliable team that provides solid advice customized to your unique Javascript needs , contact our Javascript team online by clicking on the link below, or catch us on the phone at 202-540-0002

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