Web Development

Coretechs maintains high volume production critical systems in diverse web environments for many clients. Most of our long term clients have us doing continuous development because they realize the benefits of investing in technology to build their businesses. Coretechs has the expertise and experience needed to ensure your web development project succeeds the way you intended it to.

App Development

Coretechs has deep experience in private apps that are only internally available to a business. Companies have found that these types of apps can help small targeted user bases or more often their own staff to work more efficiently. Examples include a custom iPhone app using a barcode scanner or a specialized Tablet app that uses the on board camera distributed to hundreds of employees.

Custom Development

Companies can have specialized projects that they feel are outside the typical Web or App environments. Coretechs can provide targeted consulting expertise to identify the problem and provide an innovative solution. Some of our projects include custom data scraping, legacy applications such as MS Access.Coretechs has developed a solution that uses modern technology to get the job done!

Technology Partnerships

Coretechs often partners with web design companies to handle the development component of design projects.  Often times web design, public relations and media firms may have limited development staff in house or none at all.  Coretechs has partnered with firms like this on many occasions to do the heavy lifting of the back end development while our partners focus on the look and feel.  This has proven to be a great combo.  If you think this might work for your firm, please give us a call!

“CoreTechs has completed all of the projects they have worked on for us to our satisfaction. They have provided deliverables that have met our clients’ needs in a timely manner and within our prescribed budget. They have always been extremely responsive in meeting our ad-hoc needs and working with our business users to resolve questions and concerns. To best sum up their services, they have been responsive, on time and on budget.”

― Navigant Consulting

Some of Our Clients

  • ACS CreativeACS Creative
  • Navigant ConsultingNavigant Consulting
  • ChutePlusChutePlus
  • ReaxisReaxis
  • Deal RackDeal Rack