All Under One Roof

Professional, In-House Developers

Coretechs Consulting is based in Kensington, Maryland with all in-house employees – we do not outsource. All the development for your project will be undertaken in-house and not by subcontractors. We will work directly with you to accommodate your needs and provide immediate accountability. No layers of middle-men, no games of telephone.

Your Development Needs All-In-One

Projects often demand numerous domains of knowledge attention from several hires. Coretechs has all the personnel necessary to accommodate end-to-end development from scratch to live production. This includes project management, hosting, infosec, developer operations, software licensing, and app deployment.

Any Language, Any Business

Coretechs developers come from a diverse set of technical backgrounds with experience in numerous languages, domains, and industries. As such we’re prepared to work across numerous environments, be it improving existing infrastructure, or selecting the optimal tech-stack to suit your business.

Proven Results

Technology Partnerships

Coretechs often partners with web design companies to handle the development component of design projects. Often times web design, public relations and media firms may have limited development staff in house or none at all. Coretechs has partnered with firms like this on many occasions to do the heavy lifting of the back end development while our partners focus on the look and feel. This has proven to be a great combo. If you think this might work for your firm, please give us a call!

Speak Now with Gil Austin

Calling 202-540-0002 will connect you with Gil Austin, President of Coretechs. Gil has decades of experience in software development, project management and overall business acumen. He’ll provide an on the spot assessment, critical feedback, and determine the level of effort required for your PHP project.


Gil will recommend potential solutions to help maximize your organization’s efficiency, productivity and bottom line. He may even suggest other solutions that don’t involve working with Coretechs. He only accepts projects that he feels are in your best interest.