Custom Software Development

Coretechs is a custom software development company that creates specialized solutions for growing companies

We’re proud to offer traditional services for plugin, app, and web development when a traditional problem appears. When a unique problem shows up, we grab our toolboxes and develop custom software solutions using a proven approach that you can read more about here.

Every problem we face is unique, but over the years we’ve learned that they often come down to the same root cause:

  • Security – System, User, SSL
  • Reporting – Users, Orders, Inventory, Status
  • User Management – Admin, Client, Customer
  • Profiles – User Specific Information
  • Processing – Workflow, Ordering, Tracking
  • Interaction – On Demand, Email, IM, SMS
  • Logging – Track Users, Processing, Orders

Developing Software Solutions for your Business

Our proven approach allows us to deliver projects on time and within budget

  • We put a dedicated project manager on every client’s project so there’s a single point of contact throughout the development process.
  • Our project managers will listen to what’s needed and work with our developers to make it happen.
  • We’ll even let you know when there may be an alternative way to approach that can create even better results.
  • Our rapid prototyping process lets you see your project as it grows from concept to reality so you are in the loop at all times.

We’re confident that clients who invest with us will see their business grow due to the multiplying effect of custom software development.

Ready to get started? Give us a call!

Calling 202-540-0002 will connect you with our President Gil Austin.


Talk to Gil

Calling 202-540-0002 will connect you with
Gil Austin, President of Coretechs.

Gil has over 35 years of experience in software development, project management, and business development. He’ll provide an on-the-spot assessment, critical feedback, and determine the level of effort required for your project.