Web Development

Coretechs has offered web development services for over 25 years, and our track record of success includes clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups building their first website or web application.


Web development has been one of Coretechs’ primary focuses since our earliest years. Our team of U.S.-based developers is knowledgeable in a wide array of technologies, from PHP to Apache, .Net to WordPress SQL to Drupal—with a countless array of additional web development expertise at our team’s disposal.  We pride ourselves on offering in-person consultations, local developers, and one-on-one project managers who will work with you from start to finish on your web project.


If you need a fast, secure, and cutting edge website or other web development venture, Coretechs can handle the entire project from start to finish. We also offer app development and hardware assistance, so Coretechs can take your project from non existent to turn key functional all under one roof.


PHP, the “P” in LAMP architecture, has become popular in the web industry as a way of deploying web applications. Coretechs is highly adept at using various flavors of PHP like Yii for building dynamic websites.

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Python, a widely used general-purpose, high-level programming language, is the leader in data processing. Coretechs has vast experience creating reliable web applications using Python frameworks, such as Django.

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.NET framework is a great choice for creating new applications for the Windows platform. Coretechs has a wealth of experience with .NET’s extensive libraries to develop powerful web applications.

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Perl, “the Swiss Army chainsaw of scripting languages,” is still as important today as it was when it was first introduced in 1987. Our web development team has over 20 years of expertise with Perl, new and old.

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Coretechs Software Development Philosophy

Gil Austin, CEO

Gil Austin, CEO

We keep our software development teams small for efficiency and to keep a direct line of communication with our clients.


Coretechs is based in the Washington, DC area, with the core team operating out of our office in Kensington, Maryland. Our proven software development approach has allowed us to complete virtually all of our projects on time and within budget.


Coretechs has worked with all types of clients from one person businesses all the way up to 10,000+ employee organizations. We are committed to providing lucid advice and keeping our projects well organized and within budget to prevent project failures. – Gil Austin, CEO.

Some of Our Web Development Clients

  • Deal RackDeal Rack
  • ReaxisReaxis
  • ChutePlusChutePlus
  • Navigant ConsultingNavigant Consulting
  • ACS CreativeACS Creative